Game Projects

UI Programmer

Developed by: Star Vault

UI Programmer

Developed by: Star Vault


* Gameplay Programming  (OVERPASS™)
   * Time trials game mode, including counting lap times and completion.
   * Tools to facilitate game mode programming
   * General help structures for game modes
* Tools Programming  (OVERPASS™)
   * User interface including menus, ingame UI and result screen for the time trials game mode
   * Help structure for GUI
* Servers, Web, Database
   * Backend system for web site and game ranking
   * Implementing web modules for news feed

Work Tools:  Unity Pro 3D, MS Visual Studio, SVN, Filezilla, WinSCP, AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Programming Languages:  C#,  JavaScript
Work Method: Agile development method with Scrum.

OVERPASS™ and Aqua Moto Racing Utopia™ is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by: Zordix Racing

Genre: Party
Development: 10 weeks halftime (4hrs/day)

Role: C++ and C# Programmer

* UI Tool
* Programmed a result screen
* Collect data from the match to be used as statistics on the results screen.

Team Members

Angelo Logahd, Robin Jacobsen, Andreas Lasses, Simon Skogsrydh,
Tobias Erlandsson, Erik Paldanius, Marcus Holst, Ylva Werner

Robin Tran, Anniken Arfvidsson, Christer Degerman, Elise Fogelström

Level Designers:  
William Karlsson, Julia Holmlund, Adam Persson